The 2015 Egyptian National Theatre Festival

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Honoring Theatre Artists

The festival’s inauguration honored some of the seminal theatre artists – living and departed – who have enriched Egyptian theatre life. The first honoree was Sanaa Gameel, who came from upper-Egypt to Cairo to study acting. The late actress trained with master director Zaki Tolaymat, who helped her lose her accent, and become one of the major Egyptian heavy weight actors on stage and screen. The other actors honored were comedian Mohamed Awad who became a household name in the sixties through Television Theatre, and Hassan Mostafa, who had his own unique comedic style.

The National Festival also honored set designer Dr. Samir Ahmed, who taught generations of stage designers at the Theatre Institute, and Director Dr Hany Motawe, who died only a few days before the festival opening. Also honored was the late Mohamed El Sherbeeny, writer, director, and administrator of the Popular Culture department. Among the living, the festival honored two important figures – writer Lenin El Ramly and critic Hassan Attya. Both were honored for their continued contributions to the theatre world.

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