Cairo in the ‘60’s: This Time by the Rising Circle Theater Collective New York City, May 19, 2016

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Sevan K. Green's This Time, directed by Kareem Fahmy. Photo by: Al Foote III.

Sevan K. Green’s This Time, directed by Kareem Fahmy. Photo by: Al Foote III.

The Sheen Center’s Black Box Theatre was a perfect venue for the production. The semi-realistic set design, replete with projections, nicely conveyed Cairo’s past and Toronto’s present. Scenic designer David Esler created a functional ground plan that captured the domesticity of Janine’s present, but not so completely that the audience could not be transported to Amal and Nick’s past. Sarafina Bush’s costume designs beautifully conveyed the characters, with Young Amal entering and exiting with a new dress in each scene of the play. Scott Bolman’s lighting design, Mark Van Hare’s sound design, and Jess Adams’s props design were precise to the various periods. No projection designer is mentioned in the program. Although the projections were well rendered, I was dismayed when I saw that the Arabic projected onto the scrim was incorrectly written—the letters were not connected properly and the script was backward. This was an unfortunate oversight; as Arab American artists, we should insist that Arabic is not just utilized for decoration but rather as a means of correctly conveying Arab culture.

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