The Village of Tishreen

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As you know, in the 1967 war the Arab soldiers ran away and did not fight while in 1973 they did face the enemy. So we talked in that meeting about the reasons for that change and then we decided that we should transfer this change that happened between the two wars into a play that would reflect this issue. After that meeting we spent the next three months together and we wrote our first joint work which is the play called The Village of Tishreen. And of course we named the play with this title, The Village of Tishreen, after the Tishreen (October) war of 1973.

They wrote this play by recording incidents and things that they had experienced or seen and turning these into the theatrical work. They utilized what they heard, and what was happening every day in the streets between real people. That explains why their plays were popular; they reflected real people’s situations.

The Village of Tishreen was popular during the seventies in different Arab countries and it is regarded as a classic now because it is aired several times a year on different Arabic TV channels along with the plays of Adel Imam, since these remain among the most important theatrical figures in the Arab world.  People still like and ask for Al-Maghut’s or Imam’s old plays from the seventies and eighties.

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